BIS #7003 Volunteer Training Programme at DB Nerul

By Mr Allwyn Sequeira for BISMumbai

On 2 August 2023, a Volunteer Training Programme was held at Don Bosco, Nerul, for members of various slum communities, aiming to equip these community members with the necessary skills and knowledge to take on leadership roles and conduct classes more effectively and responsibly. 

Led by resource persons Ms Manisha Lambe and Ms Wenonah Castellino, the event fostered self-introspection, group discussions, and valuable tips to build a brighter future for the communities. The participants were from the areas of Panvel, Belapur CBD, Turbhe, Koparkhairne, Ekta Nagar, Mankhurd, and Chembur-Vashinaka. 

The programme began with an introduction by Mr Allwyn Sequeira, setting the tone for the day's activities. Cl. Alan D’Silva and Ms Kavita Wankhede initiated a self-introductory game, encouraging participants to connect on a personal level. The atmosphere quickly became lively and inclusive as individuals from diverse backgrounds shared their stories and aspirations.

Fr Barnabe D’Souza, the Rector, led the next session, engaging participants in self-reflective group discussions. Divided into teams, community members openly discussed their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This exercise not only allowed individuals to gain insight into themselves but also promoted empathy and understanding within the groups. 

The resource persons, Ms Lambe and Ms Castellino, attentively absorbed the valuable points from the group discussions. They then provided the participants with invaluable tips and guidance, based on their extensive experience, on how to effectively conduct classes and engage their peers. Their insights sparked a sense of empowerment among the attendees as they realised their potential to drive positive change within their communities.

The highlight of the programme was the task given to the participants: to dream about themselves. Encouraged to envision a better future, the individuals began to see their roles as self-responsible leaders. With a newfound sense of purpose and determination, they pledged to take charge of their responsibilities and work collectively towards community development.

As the programme concluded, Mr Sequeira delivered a vote of thanks to express gratitude to all the contributors, resource persons, and participants. In conclusion, the training programme facilitated self-discovery, instilled a sense of responsibility, and empowered individuals to take on leadership roles within their communities.