BIS #6511 Pune DBYC Don Bosco Suraksha aids 240 migrant families

by Cleric Christopher Nadar with Fr Ian Doulton for BISMumbai

Once again, the Don Bosco Youth Centre [DBYC] community, Pune, organized a one-day program for migrants from around the city of Pune on 01 November 2021. The main plan for the day was to offer clothes and other household items to the migrants through a coupon system to coordinate and distribute the available household articles and clothes to each of them. The benefit of this 01-day programme was availed by 240 migrant families, who received a bag of ration as they left the campus.

A good number of volunteers assisted ‘Don Bosco Suraksha’, the migrants’ desk at Pune. They were present all through the day to help out in arranging and organizing the whole event. Many migrants, when they received what they needed, expressed their sincere gratitude before leaving the campus and promised their prayers for the benefactors responsible for making the clothes and things available to the migrants. One of them expressed, “I was in dire need of some bedsheets and blankets for my children at home. It is freezing at night, and I was praying that somebody would offer it to our family, and God heard my prayers. I want to thank Don Bosco for this care and concern.”

The volunteers and the team of Don Bosco Suraksha were indeed happy and grateful that they had this opportunity to serve the poor and needy and appreciated each other for their efforts and commitment. Don Bosco Suraksha plans to run such donation campaigns regularly to reach out to more poor people in Pune.