BIS #7155 Workshop on AI at DB Nerul

By Ms Jagruti Jagtap and Ms Nabila Sayed for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Academy- Nerul, hosted a two-hour seminar on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on 17 February 2024, to enlighten students of Grades 6 to 8 about this burgeoning field. The workshop covered discussions on AI's advantages, day-to-day applications, prospects, and career opportunities, supplemented by a live demonstration for hands-on learning.

The proceedings commenced with a warm welcome for the esteemed guest speakers, Mr Kartik Sharma and Mr Shashank Sanas from 'Get Set Learn' an organisation that empowers learning with tech-based solutions. The Rector, Fr Barnabe D'Souza, extended a gracious welcome, expressing gratitude to all students and emphasising the importance of embracing technological advancements like AI.

The workshop highlighted AI's various advantages, including its capacity to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and solve complex problems with data-driven insights. Students were introduced to AI's ubiquitous presence in their daily lives, from personalised recommendations on streaming platforms to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Moreover, the seminar illuminated AI's promising future and the diverse career paths it offers, ranging from machine learning engineers to data scientists, AI ethicists, and robotics engineers. A live demonstration provided a practical understanding of AI concepts, showcasing how AI algorithms can recognise patterns, make predictions, and even engage in strategic gaming.

The seminar witnessed active participation from students, who enthusiastically engaged in discussions and eagerly posed questions to the speakers. The live demonstration particularly captivated their attention, sparking excitement and curiosity about the possibilities of AI.

Overall, the AI workshop provided valuable insights into the world of artificial intelligence. Through engaging discussions, live demonstrations, and interactive sessions, the seminar effectively conveyed the significance of AI in today's world and its potential for shaping the future. As a token of appreciation, certificates were distributed to all the attendees.

The event concluded with words of encouragement for students to further explore the realm of AI and consider pursuing careers in this dynamic and evolving field.