BIS #6415 Don Bosco Lonavla English Elocution Competition

by Cleric Ambrose Monteiro for BISMumbai

With the present Covid situation, the English Elocution Competition was conducted virtually. The scheduled date of the competition was 20 August 2021. The planning and preparation for the English Elocution started with a discussion between the teachers in-charge of the competition.

Therefore, a short meeting was held with the Principal on Monday, 02 August 2021 to finalise the date for the competition and criteria of judging and preparing. For Std V to IX, 20 August was finalised as the day for the competition; for X and XII, a tentative date of 27 August was decided. The reason for postponing the date for X and XII was the upcoming unit test. Since the Students were preparing to appear for the board exam, it was conducive to allow them to focus on their studies, but they were informed about the competition on 18 August.

This facilitated better preparation, enthusiasm and confidence among the participants. Elocution groups were formed on Whatsapp and practice was taken via Google meet.

The details of the competition are as follows:

Incharge Teachers:

Std V – VII : Mrs Jasmine Mir

Std VIII – IX : Ms. Marina

Std X – XII : Ms. Bindu George

The students were allotted topics as per their class.

Std V: Poetry Recitation

Std VI: Story Telling

Std VII: Social Reformers

Std VIII: The World by 2050

Std IX: Speech on Great Leaders

Std X: Speech on Great Leaders

XI: Current Affairs

XII: Extempore