BIS #6100 SPY of Kuwait and YI4C of Qatar 'RESET' with Zoom to 'Reignite'

by Donovan Ferrao & Father Derrick Misquitta for BISMumbai

In a first of its kind, online youth worship, tailor-made for the young people of today, RESET was a virtual feast for those seeking to hit the reset button in their lives and 'reignite' their faith in the Lord! With over 180 participants 'Zoom'ing online from the comfort of their homes and from almost every corner of the world, this joint venture - praise and worship with breaking of the Word and a solemn Eucharistic Adoration - between St Therese of the Child Jesus Salmiya Parish Youth [SPY] and Youth Ignited for Christ [YI4C] from the only Parish in Qatar, was a grand success.

The gratifying praise was led by a talented group of young people from SPY in Kuwait, with Jason Dsouza as the lead/guitarist, Fredrico D'mello on the keyboard, with Elizabeth, Valerie and Odelyn providing the vocals. They lifted up spirits at the very onset with a medley of action songs and hymns as attendees were seen praising the Lord with vigour and gusto! The praise was then followed by a heartfelt and holy worship led by Sheryl Jesus. SPY Spiritual Director Father Lionel Braganza, broke the Word and explained how important it is for Catholic young people today to "dig deep and 'reset' back to our factory settings, thus, returning to the image and likeness of our ever loving Father." This was followed by an Eucharistic adoration led by Michelle D'silva, a renowned international Catholic lay speaker and YI4C mentor allowing the mercy of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of all present, even moving some to tears. D'silva invited the young people to surrender their anxieties and apprehensions at the feet of Jesus via the online chat.

The entire event was steered by Joanne Rodrigues from YI4C and Paloma D'sa from SPY with the support of Jemeleine and Donovan Ferrao as masters of ceremony. The smooth conduct of the event was thanks to the technical teams from both SPY and YI4C, who worked collectively and tirelessly behind the scenes - Akhil D'souza, Nathan D'souza of YI4C with Christopher David, Anselm Pereira of SPY. As Father Braganza put it, "God doesn't just ask us to readjust, recalibrate and reconnect, but he also asks us that we reset our lives."