BIS #6367 'Anyone & everyone can do Yoga' at Don Bosco Snehalaya-Vadodara

by Father Bosco Carvalho for BISMumbai

On 21 June 2021, the staff of Don Bosco Snehalaya organized yoga and health based activities to celebrate International Yoga Day. The theme was 'Yoga for Physical and Mental Health: anyone and everyone can do Yoga'.

The day began with a meditation session at 7 am aimed at being aware of one's body, calming it down and getting in touch with one's inner self. Akash, one of the DBS boys, guided the others in various postures and asanas. Starting with the basic, breathing in and breathing out exercise, followed by the 12-step Surya Namaskar and the session went on to Padmasan, Sarvangasan, Magarasan, Taadasan, and Shavasan, which helped all to rejuvenate and refresh.

At, Kanti Chauhan conducted a session on the history and significance of the Yoga Day. He highlighted the benefits of yoga - awareness of body, awareness of inner self, getting in touch with one's inner self, purifying the body and mind, and getting in touch with the divine element within oneself. A 10-minute clip on different yoga postures/asanas was shown.

Post-session, the boys were led into an energetic Zumba led by Simran, a wellwisher. The fun dance numbers helped in a full-body workout, circulation of blood, and strength-training. Tge Yoga Day ended with a common pledge to practice yoga daily.