BIS #7040 United for Road Safety at DB Nashik

By Mr Nitin Pawar for BISMumbai

Don Bosco School, Nashik, played host to an impactful seminar and workshop on 'Road Safety,' organised by the non-profit organization United Way Mumbai. Aimed at students aged 12 to 14, the event took place on 28 August 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the young attendees.

Approximately 200 students hailing from Grades 7, 8 and 9 eagerly participated in the educational session. The resource person from United Way, Mr Sagar Wagh, was at the helm of this endeavour, passionately delivering insights and knowledge to the attentive students.

Present in seven metropolitan cities across the country, United Way India strives to leverage the talents and expertise of the community to craft solutions to India’s unique social problems and set the standard for results and accountability. United for Road Safety, is a community impact initiative of United Way Mumbai that aims to address various aspects related to the promotion of road safety.

The alarming statistics surrounding road accidents in India were laid bare by Mr Wagh, highlighting the sobering fact that a substantial portion of these incidents claim the lives of children. Through captivating PowerPoint presentations and thought-provoking videos, the students were sensitised to the critical importance of adhering to road safety norms.

A highlight of the workshop was the interactive test based on a worksheet centred on road safety principles. Engaging the students further, they were encouraged to express their understanding through creative means. The students were tasked with illustrating and colouring scenes associated with traffic regulations, amplifying their comprehension of responsible road behaviour.

In a bid to fuel their motivation and drive, it was disclosed that among the 200 participants, a group of 20 standout students would be selected. From this group, the final five would stand a chance to compete on an international stage, participating in a poster-making competition focused on road safety awareness.

The students exhibited commendable enthusiasm during the session, actively responding to queries about safety precautions designed to avert accidents. The culmination of the workshop featured an eye-opening experiment that revealed the blind spots encountered by four-wheeler drivers. This captivating demonstration exposed the vulnerabilities faced by pedestrians, encouraging both, a sense of empathy and responsibility.

At the event's conclusion, Father Cedrick Sankul, the Principal, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks. He lauded the sincere efforts of United Way Mumbai in instilling essential road safety awareness within the young minds of the students. The workshop left an indelible impact, equipping the students with vital knowledge and nurturing a generation of responsible road users.