BIS #6710 Vocation Team Meet at Dolours

By Mrs. Jacinta D’Souza for BISMumbai

The first local vocation committee meeting of the Wadala unit for the academic year was held at Our Lady of Dolours Parish, Wadala (West), on 17 July 2022. Fr James Nigrel - the Rector and Parish Priest, Fr Blaise Fernandes, Fr Blany Pinto - Rector of Don Bosco Lonavla, two Salesian sisters, and two parish members were present for the meeting. Fr Velasli Bandya, the Vocation Animator of the province headed the meeting.

The meeting began with a short prayer led by Fr Bandya. He then thanked all the members for their selfless service in vocation animation. Fr Bandya then gave a summary of the vocation camps held at Lonavla, and Fr Pinto presented the statistics of boys who attended the camps and were selected. Fr Bandya shared various activities conducted at Lonavla towards the holistic growth of the boys. He also spoke about upcoming programmes regarding vocation team members meet which will be held in September and November and ‘Come and See’ camps which will be held in September, November, and January.

There was an open discussion on the plan of action for vocation animation in the parish. Fr Pinto suggested that the meeting of the parents of Classes 7 and 8 catholic students could be organized at the parish or school level wherein a presentation could be made about Don Bosco, Lonavla. Fr Fernandes suggested that organizing a meeting in the school will be of help since we will be able to meet and interact with the parents of students who belong to diocesans and other religious parishes.

Fr Nigrel pointed out to the group that he has already started working towards getting boys to attend ‘Come and See’ camps at Lonavla. Frs Bandya and Pinto thanked the members for their presence, valuable suggestions, and inputs.