BIS #7052 Night Vigil Organised by SYM GuRaM

By Fr Ajay Shelke for BISMumbai

On 9 September 2023, the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) in the GuRaM (Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh) region organised a vibrant night vigil prayer service, bringing together 87 enthusiastic young participants. The event was orchestrated under the capable leadership of Fr. Ajay Shelke, the Zonal Youth Ministry Delegate, with the help of five Salesian Priests and six Salesian Sisters.

The primary objective of this gathering was to allow these young souls to personally experience and embrace the presence of the Divine. This special programme was exclusively designed for Catholic youth who actively engage in parish activities. SYM GuRaM while curating its annual plan, decided to revisit a similar successful event held in Dakor last year. This idea was promptly embraced, and the event was tailored exclusively for the youth.

The event kicked off with a captivating session led by Fr Allwyn Misquitta, who expounded on the biblical wisdom of ‘Children, listen to your parents’, taken from the Letter to the Ephesians (6:1-3). His charismatic Salesian approach and creative teaching style left a profound impact on the youth, who enjoyed his music ministry, action songs, and spiritual talks while also gaining insight into the importance of setting clear life goals. Likewise, after dinner, the youth gathered for the second session conducted by Fr Vijay Parmar from the Diocese of Ahmedabad. He reiterated the theme of heeding parental guidance, highlighting the changing dynamics of parent-child relationships in contemporary times. His message encouraged the youth to cherish the beauty of life and make responsible choices.

The night progressed with worship of the Eucharistic Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, led by Fr Misquitta and Mr Prashant Alhat. Their praise and worship, hymns, and spiritual guidance created an authentic atmosphere of devotion. From midnight until 5:00 in the morning, the youth remained fully engaged in prayer and adoration. Simultaneously, confession and counselling sessions were available, offering the youngsters an opportunity to heal their relationships with God, others, and themselves.

Mr Vipul Christi shared that the event emphasised the deep spirituality of today's youth, dispelling the notion that they are disconnected from spiritual matters. Witnessing their engrossment during adoration, he remarked that it was evident that they were united with the Lord, momentarily free from life's concerns.

The vigil concluded with a moving Holy Eucharist celebrated early in the morning. The youth departed with their hearts filled with the profound encounter they had with Jesus during this night of prayer.