by Father Sunil Pinto for BISMumbai

The music of life cannot always be chosen, but dancing to it, is definitely possible. These trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic have painted a gloomy picture across the globe as regards mental and physical health. At Bosco Boys' Home Borivali every effort is made to keep the boys cheerful and active. A Dance Competition, solo & group (in-house) was held to promote positivity and team-building among the boys. Creativity was to the optimum, with a mix of cultural, contemporary, and regional performances by the boys. Each of the participating contestants and teams vied for the top spots to gain attractive prizes and points.

The competition was evaluated by Dorendo Camara-Warden, Romero D’Souza-Principal, and Father Diego Nunes-Vice-Rector and Administrator. Cleric Nitesh Damor and Father Sunil Pinto coordinated and organized the event. The evaluators complimented the effort put in by the participants of all 04 teams before declaring the results. Father Nunes commended the organizers and boys for their stellar performances, and took everyone by surprise with his rendition of the song Papa kehte hain bada naam karega, thereby motivating the boys to hone their talent. In the Solo Category, the winners were: 1st Place- Anand Surukar, 2nd Place- Prince Chawda, 3rd Place- Mangesh Gaikwad; while in the Group Category, the winners were: 1st Place- Team WIND, 2nd Place- Team EARTH, 3rd Place- Senior Boys