BIS #7099 EV Training Project Inaugurated at DB Chinchwad

By Cl. Ethan Fortes for BISMumbai

Don Bosco, Chinchwad, hosted the signing of the EV Training Project on 4 November 2023. Present at the occasion were representatives and delegates from the four Salesian institutions partnered in the project: Walvanda, Aurangabad, Kurla and Chinchwad. 

The project is a groundbreaking venture in the technical sector of the Salesian Province of Bombay to help young people prepare themselves for the current job market. The initial planning for the project began two years ago and has been brought to fruition through a collaborative venture between the Province, Don Bosco Mondo and the BMZ of the German Government.

At its core, the project's primary goal is to skill and empower young individuals, particularly those from marginalised backgrounds, in the burgeoning E-Mobility sector. Notably, a significant emphasis is placed on empowering women in this domain through training and job placement opportunities. The broader objective remains the promotion of a greener environment by advocating for the adoption of E-vehicles.

Apart from the training and skill development that will be imparted to the students, the project also includes an environmental awareness programme for children and youngsters to help raise the global warming issue and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

During the project signing ceremony, Mr Amarr Prabhu - the Principal of DBITI Kurla, and Mr Ashish Kulkarni - the advisor at DBITI Kurla, explained to those present the purpose, scope and aim of the project. Mr Kulkarni briefly described the various roles and responsibilities of the delegated individuals that would ensure a smooth follow-up on the project. The presentation included the division of the students that each student should aim to reach out to. Mr Prabhu also mentioned that throughout the project development, various courses would be added to help expand the placement possibilities for the various studies. 

The inauguration of the EV Training Project marks a significant milestone in the Salesian institutions' dedication to empowering the youth for the future. It stands not only as a training initiative but as a beacon of hope, aimed at fostering sustainable practices, gender equality, and technological advancement in the dynamic landscape of the E-Mobility sector. The commitment and collaborative spirit showcased in this initiative promise a brighter, greener, and more inclusive future for the youth and the environment they will inherit.