BIS #6823 Youth Camps at Chanda

By Fr Nelson Mudaliar for BISMumbai

Youth camps were held in the Diocese of Chanda from 25 October to 1 November 2022. This idea behind this initiative was to get the youth together, to fan the flames of spiritual growth and also to guide them towards a better future - helping them to ‘Build a Vision for Life.’

For better facilitation of the sessions, the camps were organised in four different zones of the Diocese. The main resource persons were Fr James Tuscano SDB, Fr George D’Abreo SDB, Sr Nisha D’Souza CMC, Sr Rubina D’Mello CMC and Fr Nelson Mudaliar SDB. The Youth Department of the Diocese helped in arranging for food and logistics of the Camps. The priests in-charge of the various places where the camps were held did thorough groundwork by contacting the nearby parishes, gathering the youth, and making sure that logistics were taken care of.

In each place, the camp was spaced out over two days ensuring that good inputs together with active discussions and a space for the youth to voice out their concerns were provided. In each place, sessions were conducted for the youth, guiding them to acknowledge the gift of life, its meaning, purpose and to check for themselves the place that they have given God in their life. With these sessions, the youth would celebrate the Holy Eucharist with devotion. This was followed by supper and campfire.

During the camp, different methods and forms of prayer were introduced to help the youth enjoy moments of communion with God. In the light of the topics mentioned above, the youth were accompanied to build a vision for themselves. They were taught that a good vision entails a mission whereby one can contribute to the world and to the people around.

The youth actively participated in these sessions. Information on various career options were also shared so that the youth may make an informed decision. The sessions were interspersed with active discussions and presentations from the part of the youth. They were also introduced to the world of media with its pros and cons. The Salesian trademark of action songs and dance during the camp were both educative and rejuvenative as they enlivened the moments of togetherness.

In all 377 youth participated in the Youth Camps: 57 in Brahmapuri, 148 in Ettapalli, 83 in Warur and 89 in Ballarpur. The youth were from different backgrounds: urban, rural and most of them were tribals.

The Youth Ministry Department of the Diocese of Chanda will be conducting follow up sessions or programs to continue guiding the youth. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for the department to work at the grass root level and interact with the youth.