BIS #6310 Vermicomposting workshop at Don Bosco Alirajpur

by Father Cedrick Sankul for BISMumbai

Today the need of the hour for farmers is not pesticides and fertilizers that are chemically manufactured, that takes away the fertility of the soil, but vermicompost. To make the farmers aware and to concsientise them about the benefits of vermicompost, Father Pratap Damor along with Nawalsingh Jamor and the Sister Disciples (Bhenjis) organosed a 03-day vermicomposting workshop for the farmers of Alirajpur villages.

The workshoo was useful for farmers whose lands have become unfertile, unproductive or whose outcome has decreased over the years due to overuse of chemical fertilizers. The workshop was also geared towards reducing the financial burden of the farmers, exploited by shopkeepers and local businessmen who sell chemical pesticides and fertilizers at exorbitant rates.

This workshop was held to teach the farmers how to prepare vermicompost and also to make them aware of the health benefits of field-crops and the fertility of the land with the use of vermicompost.

Along with the farmers, the VEP Teachers too were invited for the workshop, in small groups and were given input sessions on organic farming and its benefits.