BIS #6374 Investiture of Leaders at St. Joseph's High School-Wadala [W]

by Placida deSequeira Nazareth for BISMumbai

St. Joseph's High School Wadala [W] conducted its Investiture Ceremony and the House System inauguration for the new academic year 2021-22 on 06 July. The newly elected school leaders took the pledge to uphold the motto of ‘Loyalty, Truth and Honour’ in high regard and esteem.

The ceremony began with the welcoming of the guests, teachers and students by the compere. The newly-appointed council members were given badges, while all the designated members took the oath, promised to serve the institution and perform their duties whole-heartedly in sincerity. The newly elected School Head Boy-Shaurya Shetty took the pledge on behalf of the school leaders to do the best towards the progress of the school in conduct, studies and games.

The school also celebrated the Feast Day of St. Dominic Savio. This teenage saint's way to holiness was to live the spirituality that was shared with him by St. John Bosco and his Salesians - basically a life lived simply by doing the everyday duties of life in an extraordinary way. He is indeed the role model for the students at St. Joseph's.

Primary Section Chief Guest-Father Ajay D’Monte and Secondary Section Chief Guest-Father Bonnie Borges addressed the students, advising the Student Council members to "be humble and remain in gratitude since you are on the threshold of a new beginning,with the values and ethos learnt from the school to guide you forever, all through life." Principal and Headmistress-Sangita Bhattacharya proposed the vote of thanks and wished the newly elected leaders to work not just for the betterment and growth of their fellow students but for their personal growth as well.

Teachers, Cressieda, Raj, Shalini, Nivetha, Lloyd and Avinash organized the entire event.