BIS #6741 Health Camp by DB Kapadvanj

By Fr Ashwin Macwan for BISMumbai

DRISTI–Don Bosco, Kapadvanj, organised a free health camp held at Kevadiya village on Sunday 8 August 2022. This camp catered to the well-being of around 70 women and 57 men.

A day prior to the health camp, under the leadership of Fr Pratap Damor, Director of DRISTI, announcements regarding the camp were made in the village and pamphlets were distributed to the people. The camp was set up in a primary school, and the volunteers of the village and the women of the self-help group gave great support. Dr Hardik Patel provided his services for the camp.

Along with this, a health awareness training was also organised for girls and mothers in the village in which matters like nutrition, vaccination, government schemes, personal hygiene were explained. 46 girls and women participated in this session conducted by Ms Sherin Parmar.

DRISTI-Don Bosco is organising a series of 24 health check-up camps in the surrounding villages of Kapadvanj for the benefit of the people who have no easy access to health care. As of now, eight camps have been successfully conducted. Recently, on 16 July 2022, a similar camp was conducted at Lalatelina Muwada village.