BIS #6197 Career & Leadership at St. Michael's

by Father Xavier Bandya for BISMumbai

On Sunday 25 October, a session was conducted for the youth of St. Michael's Parish at Salawad-Khurd, Suket on ‘Career and Leadership’. Before the session the 26 young people had a mass, celebrated by Father Bandya. The resource person for the session was Anish Matera, a native from Salawad, who had finished his secondary schooling, and moved to Jalawar for further studies, graduating in English Literature. He is one of the best lecturers in Roopnagar Public School and Junior College, Jalawar. He is a good orator, a musician, and possesses good leadership skills. He has 13 years of experience in educating young people.

Subhas Rajawat, St. Michael's youth coordinator introduced him to the group, and thanked him for his presence. Matera began with a simple question, “what is the meaning of career according to you?” and then he elaborated a little more saying that the career is to make one’s life stable financially, knowing one’s limitations and adjusting according to situations. He invited the young people to hone their talents seeking to brighten their future. He challenged youth to take a personal stand when their career is threatened, telling them that there is no success without struggle. He also dwelt on good leadership skills and the way to lead a group with various examples of successful world leaders and their achievements. He also clarified that with leadership skill comes responsibility for the growth of the team along with personal growth. Matera also spoke about the 4Ps of purpose, passion, plan and power which a good leader should imbibe as part of leadership skills.

One of the young participants, Shobit, thanked Matera for his valuable input and the guidance he offered for the eager young people looking to make a difference in their own lives, for the betterment of society.