BIS #6841 Personality Development and Theatre Workshop at DB Lonavla

By Cl. Ethan Fortes for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Aspirantate, Lonavla, organized a two-day Personality Development and Theatrics Workshop for the aspirants, on 26 and 27 November 2022. The workshop aimed to enhance the communication skills of the aspirants through the medium of theatre. The workshop was conducted by theatre experts Mr Leroy Santos and Ms Betty Santos.

A renowned playwright in Mumbai, Mr Santos has staged a number of plays and musicals in and is well-known for training youth in acting and theatrics. He also conducts sessions and workshops on personality development and communication skills to help the young become confident in their daily lives.

Mr Santos began the workshop by helping aspirants understand their personality traits and characteristics, and that of being a good communicator. The aspirants were asked to state the important traits and qualities they felt necessary to be a good communicator. Building on this, they were asked to evaluate their own communication skills and understand where they would need to improve, so as to become a better and effective communicator. These skills were then put to use by way of activities, wherein the aspirants had to prepare and present speeches in front of the audience. They were also provided feedback to help them improve their public speaking skills. This session also addressed the spiritual side of communication. One such aspect was training the aspirants to read the liturgy in a befitting manner.

The workshop also focused on theatrics and staging of plays and musicals. The aspirants were challenged to stage a short play entitled ‘Radio Chikki’; and so, were trained into the nuances of acting, singing and dialogue delivery. This skit was staged in front of the staff of the community.

One of the activities to facilitate their acting skills was entitled ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’. Just like the reality TV show with the same name, the aspirants were formed into groups and given a situation to enact. After each enactment, the other groups had to give their feedback and suggestions. The sessions were a perfect blend of theory and practice. The aspirants were given various activities to help practice, understand and apply all that was taught to them. Working in groups helped them to learn the importance and role of collaboration in an activity.

All the aspirants were extremely grateful for the insights provided by Mr Santos and Ms Santos. Hansel Fernandes, one of the aspirants, remarked saying that he felt his self-confidence had improved and he was able to learn a thing or two about how to be an effective communicator.