BIS #6744 PTA Meet at DB Yerwada

By Mrs Anjali Pinto and Mrs Pearl Fernandes for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Junior College, Pune, held the PTA General Body Meeting for the Parents of Class 12 students on 13 July 2022.

Mrs Pearl Fernandes welcomed the management, parents and students to the meeting. Fr Michael Bansode - Rector, Fr Ajit Munis - Principal, and Mr Leo D’Souza - Supervisior, were welcomed by the parents, teachers and students. After a moment of prayer, the meeting commenced.

Fr Munis addressed the parents and students by introducing all the staff of the Junior College and appreciating their dedication. He emphasized on the importance of co-operation between the parents and teachers for the betterment of the students. He appreciated the students for being respectful and obedient in all matters, and following the directions as per the guidance given. Fr Bansode addressed the gathering and explained how Don Bosco works wonders in the lives of the youth through his life and teachings. He mentioned that the presence of Don Bosco institutions and education all over world has transformed the youth into responsible and honest citizens. He also insisted that parents should correct their children when needed so that they become better individuals in society. He appreciated the Principal, the Supervisor and the staff for their selfless service. Mr D’Souza addressed the parents and the students by explaining the various important regulations of the College and how they are given to bring about uniformity and moral values into the young minds of our youth. He appreciated the parents and especially the students for being very loving, expressive and creative.

After the general assembly, the parents then met in their respective groups and class PTA representative elections were held to select the members of the P.T.A. Executive Council. Thereafter, Mr Ukesh Mandal was elected as the PTA Vice-President for the Junior College Section.

It was indeed a very fruitful day as the management, parents, teachers and students came together as one big family - The Don Bosco Family. The day ended on a joyful note as both parents and teachers acknowledged their support towards each other in making the journey of the students a comfortable and meaningful one.