BIS #6979 Encouraging Students to Embrace Life Beyond Gadgets

By Ms Muriel Rebello for BISMumbai

A follow-up of an interactive workshop ‘Away from Gadgets’ was conducted on 17 July 2023 for the students of Class IV at Don Bosco School, Matunga. The students were excitedly engaged in a variety of activities, fostering creativity and personal growth while keeping them away from gadgets. 

The session commenced with invigorating outdoor games in the newly constructed multi-purpose hall of the primary section, ensuring that the children remained active and energetic throughout the day. To nurture their creativity, each student was instructed to create 'My Game Book' by designing their own indoor game of Tic-Tac-Toe using a jute bag and pebbles, under the guidance of their teachers. The children were pleasantly surprised by their inventive abilities and thoroughly enjoyed playing the game with their peers.

Even the teachers took part in the enjoyment, playing the game themselves during their free time in the staff room. Emphasising the essence of true living, Mr Amit Kalantri's words resonated with the students: "Gadgets help the solo, not the soul, so don't allow gadgets to replace games."

As part of the session, the students also engaged in an activity worksheet that featured puzzles related to gadgets. Ms Nerissa Dbritto highlighted the significance of engaging children in various activities such as cooking, gardening, reading, or painting to divert their attention away from gadgets and foster healthy hobbies.

Mst Gauransh Dalvi shared his experience, expressing, "It was fun learning all about how to keep ourselves away from gadgets." The workshop aimed to instill a balanced approach to technology use, guiding students on ways to reduce screen time and explore alternative activities that promote personal growth and well-being.

The class teachers provided valuable tips and insights to the students of Class IV, urging them to embrace hobbies and interests that align with their passions and contribute positively to their lives. At the conclusion of the session, the students expressed their gratitude to the teachers for organising such a fun-filled and informative experience, leaving them with smiles on their faces and a renewed appreciation for life beyond gadgets.

Recognising the importance of experiencing life away from screens, a unique workshop titled 'Away from Gadgets' was organised by the Beyond Academics team for students of Class IV on 3 July. The session aimed to enlighten young minds on the benefits and joys of disconnecting from electronic devices, fostering human connections, reducing stress, and enhancing focus and productivity.