BIS #6281 'Road Safety Awareness' at BBH Borivali

by Brother Allan Netto for BISMumbai

Bosco Boys' Home [BBH] Borivali-Mumbai in collaboration with the Suman Vilas Foundation, headed by Shri Vinayak.V. Joshi and the Mumbai Traffic Police Division-Borivali Unit, organised 'Road Safety Awareness' on 05 January 202, as part of the Road Safety Awareness Month of the Mumbai Police Traffic Division, to educate students, staff and management of BBH and people in the vicinity.

Chief Guest PI Sampat Londhe, Rector-Father Corlis Gonsalves, Shri Vinayak V. Joshi and Shri Vivek V. Joshi along with the Borivali Traffic Police Unit were present on the occasion. PI Londhe said, "it is extremely important to be aware of the road safety rules and the precautions to be taken when out driving, so that lives - yours and that of others may be safe."

Father Gonsalves highlighted the different backgrounds of the boys at BBH, focussing on the difficult personal and family situations they faced since birth and childhood. He said, "here at Bosco Boys' Home all boys from the ages of 08 and upwards, till they reach 18+, are cared for, groomed and enabled to stand up on their own feet with basic academic education [Class X], and technical know-how through skilling courses such as A/C mechanics , electricians, automobiles (2 / 4 wheeler) repairers, hospitality stewards, and the like." Father Gonsalves also detailed the post-=BBH follow-up of the boys placed in different companies in varied capacities, with a performance record-track maintained, in order to help these settle down satisfactorily.

An 'awareness rally' with the traffic police, along with banners and posters for about 45 minutes, was a great refresher and publicity for the bys, in the purpose of 'road safety'. A drawing competition was also organised on the theme, with certificates for all the participants and cash prizes for the top three: 1st-Ashish Patil, 2nd-Aryan Kadam and 3rd-Rupesh Wagari.

Mementos were presented to the guests, as a token of appreciation and gratitude for an enriching and enlightening educational experience with the Mumbai Police Traffic Division's Borivali Unit and the Suman Vilas Foundation.