BIS #6397 Don Bosco Nerul 'food-outreach' to 'artistes' in dire need

by Father Barnabe D'Souza for BISMumbai

The Covid 19 lockdown in the TV and Film industry has come as an income hit for the category IV cast and crew members for whom long term contracts are a rarity and earn up not more than Rs. 1500/- per day.

Don Bosco Nerul recently was approached by the members of Theatre and Stage Artist for help who are in dire need for food and other essentials for themselves and their families. With the shoots of all entertainment formats halted in the wake of corona virus outbreak, the life of technicians and crew members most of whom are daily wagers has been sad, almost everyone has become jobless with no income or ration to feed the family.

For 35-year-old Ramesh Yadav working as a junior theatre artiste in stage dramas for the past 10 years who is dependent on daily wages, is worried how long the unexpected dark period will last for the family comprising of his wife and 2 toddlers. “Apart from food, there is rent, electricity and other utility bills to pay. We are all praying that the infection stops and we start our work soon”.

Our Social Service Coordinator who was associated with them requested to lend a helping hand to these workers. We provided them with ration kits and essential items to give them relief from their food problems. The kit included rice, dal, salt, atta, oil, different types of masala powders, poha and many other essential items.

We have been assisting with food and medical aid to as many who are in dire need, especially these special groups who have not been able to get back to their earning ways