BIS #6251 New foundation for new beginning at Don Bosco Borivli

by Lynette Sequeira for BISMumbai

On 18 December 1859, 161 years ago, the foundation of the Salesian Congregation was laid in Turin, with just 17 members, by St. John Bosco. Today, that foundation has borne rich fruit; and the ‘Salesian Presence’ is now experienced in 134 countries. Likewise, on 18 December 2020, yet another foundation was laid for the new school block, at Don Bosco High School and Junior College-Borivli, by MumbaiSalesians' procurator Father Edwin D’Souza.

MumbaiSalesians' Provincial-Father Savio Silveira, ViceProvincial-Father Ashley Miranda (alumnus of Don Bosco Borivli), Economer-Father Manuel Murzello, architect Chaitanya Sompura, associate architects-Kashyap Barai and Ashish Ranch, CEO Sekos Constructions-Shekhar Delvis with Kalayani Savardekar from S.M Muzamdar were present on-site, for the momentous event during the school's ‘Golden Jubilee’.

At this hope-filled ‘bright ray of sunshine’, amidst the pandemic gloom, unmasking the joy in the hearts of all the Salesians, the school management and staff, Father Silveira quoted Psalm 127:1 "Unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers work in vain," [...and so] “if we are not accompanied by the presence of God, all that we do, has little meaning. Although we are laying the foundation for a building of concrete , bricks, stone, infrastructure and many other externals; the real foundation stone we are laying, is for many future generations, the education of many youngsters over many generations, who will study in this edifice, and go out to make a difference in the lives of people.” Further empahsising the outreach Don Bosco exercised for and with the most poor, abandoned youngsters in Turin, Father Silveira reiterated, “Let us not forget that we are meant for poor youngsters. May poor youngsters find the first place in the new school building.”

Rector-Father Solomon Rapol, had earlier in his welcome address, stated the reason for choosing 18 December, as the date. Father D'Souza unveiled and blessed the foundation stone, as Father Renold Lemos, led the prayer-service. In his speech, Father D’Souza, reminisced about his first visit to Don Bosco-Borivli in 1972; of the then just built new school building and the entire surrounding that has progressively changed during the years. He stated how, all those who had passed on, have contributed to the growth and development of the institution, saying, “This foundation stone is another seed we are planting. In the years to come, many more youngsters will benefit from this institution.”

The school management and staff pray, ‘may He who has begun this wonderful new work on the Don Bosco campus, journey with us along the way, as the project progresses towards completion’.