BIS #6867 Save our Planet Home - Boscoree 2023

By Cl. Ethan Fortes for BISMumbai

The 14th Edition of the National Boscoree was held at Don Bosco University, Assam, from 29 December 2022 to 3 January 2023. 4 troops from the Salesian Province of Bombay participated in this event. The theme for the event was ‘Save our Planet Home’.

The four-day scout camp consisted of various activities, ranging from scouting to dancing and singing. The various troops were divided into sub-camps, with each sub-camp consisting of around 10 troops. The scouts and guides had to participate in various competitions thereby earning points for their respective troop and moving up the leaderboard in the sub-camp.

The troops were graded in their discipline and approach, especially in the colour party marchpast competition and the Baden Powell Six Exercises. Apart from that, there were also practical sessions taken to test the participant’s practical knowledge in scouting. This was done by way of setting up a pioneering project.

As part of the theme of Boscoree, representatives from each troop gathered to plant a tree within the camp site, while also pledging to promote sustainable living so as to preserve the earth for future generations. Additionally, the scouts and guides were also asked to showcase their talent in art and craft by using organic materials to display the theme of the event. As a troop, a competition was also held to creatively present the theme by way of a dance, skit, or song.

Being a national event, time was set apart for the students to showcase the culture of their place while also promoting a greener planet. Walking around the campus, the troops had a peace-march promoting a greener planet and a better home for the future generations.

As part of the competitive events, the troops from the Salesian Province of Mumbai performed outstandingly well. The troop consisting of scouts and guides from Don Bosco Nashik and Ahmednagar bagged 12 trophies, while the mixed troop of Don Bosco Yerwada, Nerul and Lonavla bagged 11 trophies to stand first in their respective sub-camps. The mixed troop of Don Bosco Kawant and Chhotaudepur bagged 5 trophies, while Don Bosco, Matunga, grabbed three awards in their respective sub-camps.

Boscoree 2023 ended with the pledge towards protecting our Planet Earth, with each scout and guide resolving to do their part in saving our common home. Rose Maria Jojo, one of the participants from Don Bosco, Nerul, said that this Boscoree was a very memorable experience for her as she also made many new friends and will cherish all of the wonderful memories of the camp. Photographs