BIS #6946 Orientation Programme for the Staff of DB Nashik

By Fr Rudolf D’Souza for BISMumbai

An orientation programme on the topic ‘Learning Disabilities of Students’ was held on 13 June 2023 for the teaching and non-teaching staff of Don Bosco School, Nashik.  Fr Ajoy Fernandes SDB, who holds a doctorate in Counselling Psychology with a major in Clinical Counselling was the resource person. 

Fr Fernandes began the session by asking the teachers of different sections to enumerate the learning difficulties of the students in their classes, and then he explained how the teachers could deal with students with different learning difficulties.

It was indeed a good learning experience for all the teachers, right from Pre-Primary to Junior College section. They were engaged in dynamic sessions that also dealt with the problems faced by the teachers while dealing with the students suffering from learning disabilities. Teachers watched the visuals as well as the videos on how to engage students with different disabilities in various physical activities, which was followed by discussion and Q&A sessions. 

Fr Fernandes elucidated how to classify the problems faced by the students, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, and ADHD disorder. He guided the teachers to differentiate between the slow learners, and hyperactive children in their classes. He emphasised that teachers should allow slow learners to study at their own pace. He appealed to the Pre-Primary and the Primary section teachers to find out the hyperactive students at an early stage in order to provide them with the required remedial treatment in the form of occupational therapy, which also included physical exercises. Most importantly, he pointed out that the parents’ as well as the teacher’s roles are very important to making a difference in the behaviour of such children.  

The teachers were enlightened from the session and committed themselves that they would certainly apply all these inputs received from the orientation and will try to facilitate the learning process of the students during the regular classes. 

A vote of thanks was proposed by the Principal, Fr Cedric Sankul and Ms Ashoo Verma presented a token of appreciation on behalf of the Management.

Fr Ajoy Fernandes was accompanied by Fr Mavron Fernandes SDB who assisted him by directing the teachers of all the sections and handling the presentation.