BIS #6449 SYM-Borivali: ‘Selfie Generation’ to ‘Generous Living’

by Durran DMello & Fr Glenford Lowe for BISMumbai

SYM-Borivali was blessed to have MumbaiSalesians' Provincial-Father Savio Silveira, address the SYM General Body meeting on 29 August 2021, during his official canonical visitation of St. John Bosco Church-Borivali.

Prior to the meeting, Local Youth Delegate-Father Glenford Lowe celebrated the monthly ‘Youth Mass’ which was well animated by the youth themselves. In his homily, Father Lowe challenged the young people to focus on their ‘interior relationship with God’ rather than merely focusing on outward rituals and codes of conduct.

SYM-Borivali President Durran D’Mello, then took charge of the proceedings. The General Body meeting then followed in the AV Hall, in which the youth evaluated the lights and shadows of the recently conducted Indoor Games Tournament ‘Come-Celebrate-Compete’. Future events till the end of December 2021 were also discussed and plans put in place with many young people volunteering to bring their creative minds together to organize these events.

At 6:30pm, Father Silveira was warmly welcome with a thunderous applause. Mr. D’Mello introduced Father Silveira to the young people and briefed him regarding the past events and future. “In a short span, we have grown to 57 members and by October we have taken up to reach the 100+ Challenge,” he affirmed.

Father Silveira then addressed the SYM members. He thanked the young people and congratulates for having a holistic plan in place. He began by throwing a simple question, “What do young people look out for?” He was quick to give the answer himself, “Firstly, they look out for fun!” Healthy relaxation and recreation are important especially in these depressing times. He then added, “Secondly, youth need to prepare themselves for their future. Serious times lie ahead, and one needs to be prepared for it professionally with a personality and sufficient skills to live in this competitive world.” He was happy to note that two of our youth, Royden Dsouza and Denzil Joseph, had volunteered to reach out to those who were affected by the torrential floods and landslides at Mahad. Taking a cue from this noble venture, he then exhorted to youth to focus on others too. “Youth is a generous time – to serve others. But sadly, many fall into the trap of the ‘selfie generation’, turning the focus of the lens on oneself rather that on the other. Spend your life for others, live life with this new perspective, this is our Salesian style” he concluded. A final blessing was then showered on all.

After the General Body meeting, Father Silveira took the time to meet the SYM-Core Team. He listened to all the ‘plans and pains’ that the young people faced and with a fatherly advice, which appreciating all that the youth have achieved, added, “Work in a spirit of understanding, hostility is not a Salesian flavor to dwell in!”