BIS #6544 Salesian Family Day Sustaining Charismatic Identity & Fidelity to Don Bosco

by Father Joaquim Fernandes for BISMumbai

MumbaiSalesians' celebrated the Salesian Family Day on 12 December 2021 at Don Bosco Borivali, in which 150 SalFam members from across the Province of Bombay participated.

Father Diego Nunes, Delegate for the Salesian Family, and convenor of the programme read the message of MumbaiSalesians' Provincial Father Savio Silveira: “As the Salesian Family, solidarity should be our hallmark, we support one another as a family; and as a family we care for young people, especially those who are poor, neglected, or in need. May the Salesian Family Day, truly strengthen our sense of solidarity."

The Eucharist was presided over by Father Solomon Rapol-Rector of Don Bosco Borivali and a number of Salesians joined in the con-celebration. He stressed the importance of sustaining the charismatic identity and being authentic followers of Don Bosco and faithful to the gospel values.

FMA nun Catherine Fernandes-Provincial Delegate, conducted an extremely enriching session on spirituality of St. Francis deSales; she touched on the life of St. Francis - who was noted for his deep faith and his gentle approach of 'everyday holiness' that characterizes the Salesian spirituality.

MumbaiSalesians' ViceProvincial-Father Ashley Miranda, reflected on the Strenna 2022 of the Rector Major "Do all through love, nothing through constraint” and spelled out its implications for the present times. Addressing the participants he said “As members of the Salesian family you are invited to open yourselves to God's love, drink from the fountain of His love, and then recharged by His love you are called to share His love with the poor. You have a unique mission to share God’s love for the young according to the spirit of Don Bosco."

MumbaiSalesians' Past-Pupils' Provincial Delegate-Father Crispino D’Souza spoke on the theme 'Rejuvenating the Salesian Family' and conducted two interactive activities: 1. Heart of the Matter and 2. Compass Points. The sessions allowed the participants to choose the most relevant statement taken from the book “The Salesian Family of Don Bosco.” The participants focused on the acronym (N, S, E & W) which allowed them to discuss on Need assessment, Suggestions, Excitement and Worries about the Salesian Family which they placed on the compass points. This session helped the participants to apply their thoughts and mind to form and rejuvenate the Salesian Family and create a new vision in the present day scenario. A wish list from the members were presented to Father Nunes.

“I felt elated to see so many ideas being exchanged by the participants. There was so much of positive energy around” said Sudha Pillia, Secretary for Cooperators.

“I got a chance to be part of the Salesian Family day this was indeed one of the best moments of my life. I am proud to be part of the Salesian family group, ” said Rasik Parmar from Don Bosco Makarpura.

Father D’Souza said “I was encouraged to see the large numbers of the Salesian Family members from across the province. A lot needs to be done for the growth of the Salesian Family members to work in the vineyard of the Lord”.

Ketan Gala, Adult Regional Councillor – Asia Oceania and the Executive Committee Member of the World Confederation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco stated “I am grateful to the Salesian of Don Bosco for placing their trust in me. I will do my best to unify and build the charismatic identity of Don Bosco in the Salesian Family within our region.

All the associations members attached to the Salesian Family presented their experiences, reports and outcomes during the pandemic period, this exercise enriched the participating members in the Salesian Family.