BIS #7090 Scouts and Guides Workshop at DB Nashik

By Mr Nitin Pawar for BISMumbai

Don Bosco School, Nashik, hosted an enlightening workshop and an environmentally conscious tree plantation drive on 24 October 2023. The event aimed to instil in students in Grades 8–10 a deep understanding of the Scout and Guide movement's core motto and objectives. It also provided practical training sessions, offering invaluable lessons in leadership and outdoor skills. 

The presence of two prominent individuals graced the workshop as resource persons: the District Training Commissioner, Mr Navnath Waghchaure, and the District Organiser, Mrs Kavita Wagh.

Mr Waghchaure began the workshop with an engaging presentation tracing the history of the Scout movement, founded by Lord Baden Powell. Through an illuminating presentation, he transported the students back in time, providing a glimpse into the movement's rich heritage. In addition, Mr Waghchaure shed light on the state-level examinations for Scouts and introduced the various awards available to those who exemplify outstanding service to society. He also imparted vital skills to the Scouts, including knotting and lashing techniques, essential for their duties as Scouts.

Mrs Wagh addressed the Guides, offering them a comprehensive overview of their roles and responsibilities. She delved into the intricacies of the Scout law, guided them on Scout songs, and elucidated flag hoisting protocol. Mrs Wagh emphasised the values that underpin the Scout and Guide movement, stressing the importance of loyalty, compassion, hard work, and character building. Furthermore, she familiarised the Guides with the six administrative divisions within Scouts and Guides, outlining the functions and significance of each division's headquarters.

Following these informative sessions, the Scouts and Guides, led by the Principal, Fr Cedrick Sankul, participated in a tree plantation drive. This eco-conscious endeavour not only contributed to the environment but also served as a practical application of the principles that Scouts and Guides had just learned.

Fr Sankul applauded the efforts of Mr Waghchaure and Mrs Wagh, recognising the importance of their time and expertise in facilitating this significant workshop for the Scouts and Guides of Don Bosco School. Their commitment to empowering the youth with knowledge and values was well-commended.

The dedication of the resource persons and the school's commitment to holistic education was evident in the success of this event, which will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the young minds of Nashik.