BIS #6291 MumbaiSalesians' 'quinquennials' meet

by Father Mylin Noronha for BISMumbai

Young quinquennial MumbaiSalesians began their annual meet on 22 February at the Don Bosco Provincial House, coordinated by Vice-Provincial Father Ashley Miranda. The 04-day meet, expected to wind up by 1600 hrs on 25 February, has brought in 22 young priests and 02 coadjutor-brothers from various parts of the province. With interactive input sessions, review evaluations and future roadmap discussions, the meet is expected to introspect, evaluate and strategise with hope for future ventures in Salesian youth ministry.

MumbaiSalesians' Provincial-Father Savio Silveira initiated proceedings with the holy Eucharist. Drawing inspiration from the gospel of the day, he invited the young Salesians to reflect on Jesus' question, 'who do you say I am?' He described the question as Jesus' effort to receive feedback and engage in self-evaluation. He reminded the young Salesians of the 'Johari Window' model as developed by psychologists Joseph Lutz and Harry Ingham, inviting them to be open to feedback and regularly evaluate themselves. He also encouraged them to be regular with 'spiritual direction', for creation of a culture of 'spiritual direction' in the province.

The first session opened with Father Silveira stating that the young Salesians are the 'hope' of the province. He said, "In order to be a source of hope to others, however, you have to take care of your health in all its aspects - physical, emotional, spiritual and Salesian." He further encouraged them to be prophetic and visualise newer forms of youth ministry that could be engaged in, initiatives that will cater to the need of the 18+ category of young people, and sought suggestions for geographical and ministerial outreach, especially in the field of higher education. Father Silveira concluded saying, "prepare yourselves for leadership roles of responsibility and initiatives."

Session two facilitated by Vice Provincial-Father Miranda was spent in sharing of the ministry learnings and experience, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown and the consequent situation of unease, uncertainty and unrest.