BIS #6513 Thriller Camp 2021 at Don Bosco Chhotaudepur

by Cleric Ambrose Monteiro for BISMumbai

A 03-day 'Thriller Camp' was organized to counter the adverse effects the current pandemic has had on today’s screen-glued generation by the Salesian Vocation Team of the Gujarat region. The camp from 04-07 November was attended by 46 boys from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat at the Don Bosco Chhotaudepur campus.

The camp was organized in the Salesian style, giving importance to the 04 dimensions of holistic growth - human, spiritual, intellectual and social aspects of life - that play a huge role to provide overall development for children. Each day of the camp was action-packed! It consisted of prayer, sessions on development, games, spare-time activities, singing classes, etc.

Sumit Damor from Tundva region of Madhya Pradesh praised the camp saying, “I really liked this wonderful camp. We were put in teams. We played and prayed and also got a chance to learn many wonderful things which can be used for our life”

The various sessions taken for the campers touched upon topics like ‘Choices’ and ‘What are you advertising?’ They were also taught how to animate liturgical and paraliturgical services so as to be able to contribute in their respective parishes. During the camp, 03 Salesians shared how they were inspired to join the religious way of life.

Each day had a new highlight for which each participant had to prepare themselves, thus expanding their skill set. The highlights were 30 Seconds to Fame, 30 Seconds to Talk and the Grand Camp Fire.

Cleric Alan D’Silva said, “After 2 years of the silence caused by the pandemic, it was beautiful to see so many youngsters gathering around for such an exciting event.” Christiano D’Silva from Baroda commented, “We had a great time here! Staying together and making new friends was a great experience. Will definitely try to make it for the next camps too.”