BIS #6348 Don Bosco Nerul continues COVID-19 'food relief'

by Father Barnabe D'Souza for BISMumbai

Continuing onward, since the complete lockdown, this time around, Don Bosco Nerul determined and identified that those in need of food and dry ration is limited to the unemployed and those without job-wages. With a good percentage of the daily wage earners unable to find work, it has once again become difficult to sustain themselves and their families. The COVID-19 second wave with its lockdown protocols, has seen a good number return back home, but this partial and some-commerce-permitting lockdown, has held back those trying to sustain daily living.

The Don Bosco Nerul 'community fridge' is a big draw, with over 120-130 cooked food packets catering daily to the naka-workers, rickshaw-drivers, dailywage-earners, and other similar vulenerable needy. Those beyond the immediate neighbourhood/locality and others who cannot avail of this service continue to face severe food shortage.

Don Bosco Nerul has been reaching out to these who cannot come to receive the cooked food or need more than just a onetime meal. Just like in the last year, efforts to reach the unreached with foodgrains to those families without earnings; with dry-ration like rice, pulses, sugar, oil, spices and tea powder, are being consistently made.

One fo the young men, when receiving a packet, remarked, “Aap ko aur denewaloun ko bahut duha milega," Yes! may Don Bosco Nerul and all its supporters receive all the blessings from these happy recipients.