BIS #6370 'June's Going' at Don Bosco Snehalaya-Vishwamitri

by Father George Miranda for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Snehalaya – 'A Home of Love' began on 24 May 2001 and has completed 02 decades living the Don Bosco legacy of love in action, by loving, caring and protecting the homeless orphaned in the city of Vadodara.

Situated at Vishwamitri [W], Snehalaya aims to love every street child and youth ensuring that they receive opportunities for their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual development, assisting them to repatriate and reintegrate into society. Snehalaya's primary objective is to care and protect the street child through services enabling them to acquire a sense of safety, security, belonging and holistic development.

A programme - schedule filled with activities that motivate, inspire, invigorate and skill the boys are held all through the month. Likewise, in the month of June 2021, various activities were held to help the boys overcome the morose pandemic-enforced situation of restrictions, lockdown and other mandatory protocols.

Those intent on helping Don Bosco Snehalaya may please contact on 0265 - 2322351 or on +91 6352540804

DBS - Activities of June 2021.pdf

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