by Father Kenneth Pereira for BISMumbai

In ordinary circumstances, a parish council meeting hardly seems to be newsworthy. But the fact is that these are no ordinary circumstances. And so, when the Don Bosco Parish Council met on Sunday 26 July, it was the 1st meeting of its kind after 04 months! Parish Priest Father Royal D'abreo called for this meeting, and it was held with adequate arrangements for physical distancing among all those who turned up.

At this meeting, the new priests on the parish team were felicitated with bouquets, and the new laypersons in the PPC were welcomed with flowers. Father D'abreo then briefed the others about the progress made in the construction of the new church, and the finances involved. All were delighted to hear him announce that the construction work would resume in early August, and that if all goes as planned, the new church should be ready for inauguration by 31 January 2021. He also announced the new plan for celebrating Masses in a controlled environment, once the government and the bishop grant permission for the resumption of church services. Till then, he said, parishioners could individually come to receive communion if they so desired.

A day prior (i.e. on Saturday 25 July) all the Salesian priests on the campus—collectively known as the NaSA—met in the Rector's office at Don Bosco. A number of issues were touched upon: (a) resumption of work on the new church and the finances thereof, (b) the new plan for holding parish Sunday Masses in a controlled environment, (c) coordinated organization of youth ministry by the Salesians in Nashik, (d) involvement of the other communities in parish ministry, (e) up-coming events in the arc of this year. The meeting climaxed in a simple yet tasty fraternal meal.