by Father Ajoy Fernandes for BISMumbai

05 mental-health professionals of DBYCS [Don Bosco Youth Counselling Services]–Prafulta Matunga, conducted a webinar ‘Negotiating the New Normal’ for 189 professionals, mental-health practitioners, teachers, and other interested persons. Father Ajoy Fernandes moderated the session and observed that COVID-19 safety procedures have made it necessary to restrict travel and face-to-face interactions with family members living at a distance, school companions, or office colleagues. On-line interactions have converted homes into schools, work-spaces, and living spaces amidst reduced access to services. Those who have not been able to adjust to these ‘new normal’ conditions are often anxious and stressed.

The 04 panellists shared guidelines to help different populations to negotiate the ‘new normal.’ Occupational Therapist Dr. Payal Ubale, gave practical tips to help children live productively and cheerfully within the confines of the home. Clinical Psychologist Divya Nayar, spoke about how young adults might adapt to the ‘new normal’ in personal interactions, and at work. Counselling Psychologist Srilata Srikant, suggested how spouses could cope with close family interactions over an extended period of time. Psychiatrist Dr. Fabian Almeida, provided simple tips to help the elderly to adjust more serenely to the ‘new normal.’

The participants appreciated the webinar, and thanked the panelists for suggesting simple, yet comprehensive tips to tide over ‘new normal’ situations.