BIS #6745 Extraordinary Visitation at DB Nerul

By Mrs Joyce D’Mello Fernandes for BISMumbai

On 12 August 2022, Fr Biju Michael, General Councillor for South Asia, conducted the extraordinary visitation of the community of Don Bosco, Nerul.

Fr Biju Michael was welcomed with the guard of honour and Aarti, in keeping with the ‘Atithi Devo Bhavo’ tradition. A welcome programme showcasing glimpses of the unique career education assemblies and the activities unique to Don Bosco, Nerul, was staged. After the felicitation, Fr Biju Michael addressed the assembly. He conveyed greetings from the Rector Major and praised the multi-cultural programme swelling with the Desh Bhakti Divas flavour. He commended the management, staff and students for the various activities in the school. He exhorted everyone, especially the students, to become Don Bosco to the world. “I especially liked how Fr Biju Michael brought to our notice that we should be like thermostats that go beyond measuring the world like thermometers but rather, act to change the world for the better,” said a student.

Fr Biju Michael met the members of the Salesian Youth Movement, past pupils, the Savio Club and the oratory teachers in the afternoon. He exhorted them to ‘love without constraints’. He appreciated them reaching out in love through selfless service to the society. In his meeting with the staff, he reminded the teachers of their responsibility to teach students and not just subjects while constantly being motivators for learning. “I was touched when Fr Biju Michael said that we are the face and the heart of the institution,” remarked a member of the non-teaching staff.

The meeting with the Educational Pastoral Council members and the Salesian Corporators was held in the evening. Fr Biju Michael commended the Don Bosco Nerul EPC for their commitment and dedication to nurture the spirit of Don Bosco.

This fraternal visit by the General Councillor has renewed the community with much zeal to carry out their mission of love to the poorest and abandoned youth in Nerul.