BIS #7031 Prioritising Fitness Among Students at DB Kurla

By Mr Craig Almeida for BISMumbai

In a rhythmic celebration of physical well-being and unity, the Women's Development Cell at Don Bosco College (DBC), Kurla, held an invigorating Zumba workshop on 21 August 2023. 

Under the vibrant leadership of Ms Shruti Barua, a student of Business Management Studies at DBC and an enthusiastic Zumba instructor, the workshop witnessed a remarkable turnout of eager participants. The Zumba workshop provided a platform for students to enhance their physical fitness and an hour of uninhibited self-expression. The dynamic dance routines were designed to not only invigorate the body but also refresh the mind and spirit, making the workshop a holistic approach to well-being.

The Women's Development Cell's visionary initiative to host the Zumba workshop underscored its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and empowerment within the college community. Physical fitness is often a neglected aspect of a student's life, but the workshop served as a gentle reminder that prioritising one's health can also be an enjoyable and engaging experience.

The event's success was reflected in the beaming faces of the participants as they grooved to the beats. The workshop's impact extended beyond the physical realm; it sparked a sense of unity and belonging among the attendees. In an age where digital interactions dominate, such events provide invaluable opportunities for students to come together in person and create lasting connections.

Students who attended the workshop shared their positive experiences, emphasising how the event not only left them feeling rejuvenated but also motivated them to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Many expressed gratitude towards the Women's Development Cell for curating such an uplifting experience that aligned perfectly with the college's holistic approach to education.

The Zumba workshop was a unique way of combining fitness and fun. As the beats resonated within the college premises, it was evident that this event would leave a lasting impact on the participants. In conclusion, the Zumba workshop organised by Don Bosco College's Women's Development Cell was more than just a fitness event; it celebrated unity, vitality, and empowerment.