BIS #6327 BBH Earth Day focus on sustainable lifestyle

by Cleric Ethan Fortes for BISMumbai

In unity with the various organisations & programmes to celebrate Earth Day, Bosco Boys Home Borivali held a poster-making competition along with a few other activites.

The celebration of World Earth Day was made extra special with the boys learning about its importance and relevance in the present scenario, through videos. The boys staged a dance that focussed on reducing the use of plastics and focus on recyclable materials. A few boys also learnt how to recycle paper into handmade paper. The posters focussed on promoting a greener earth for a better tomorrow. These various activities were organised also to help the boys beat the lockdown blues.

The boys realised the need for sustainable living amidst the present scenario and the relevance of celebrating Earth Day. Shivanand, one of the Bosco Boys, was very thrilled that he was able to showcase his dancing talent in a manner that conveyed a relevant message.