BIS #6174 St. Michael's at Salawad-Khurd Suket, celebrates Feast and Confirmations

by Father Xavier Bandya for BISMumbai

On 29 September 2020, St. Michael's parish church at Salawad-Khurd, Suket had a double celebration with the feast of it's patron St. Michael-the archangel, and the Sacrament of Confirmation. Ajmer Bishop Pius Thomas D’Souza was the principal celebrant at the feast-day Eucharist and confirmed 33 candidates on this auspicious day.

Invoking the intercession of St. Michael, in times of evil and calamities, more especially during the COVID-19 contagion, the protective cloak of the Archangel was affirmed and acknowledged. St. Michael's at Salawad in existence for more than 120 years, provides for the spiritual welfare of inhabitants of Mikhelpura in Salawad-Khurd. Despite the grim present scenario, this feast, a time of grace for the parishioners was a day of jubilation and rejoicing.

In his homily, Bishop D'souza dwelt on St. Michael at the service of God and he invited the confirmands to relive the Pentecost experience. He emphasized the significance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, saying, "the gifts give an identity to our existence in this world, as they reflect our own being, created in God’s own image." He posed a few questions to the confirmands, on their faith in God and faith in the Church, asking them to be responsible and more involved in the parochial activities. Post-homily, the 33 candidates were confirmed, in the solemn rite of confirmation.

The parishioners were grateful and thanked the Bishop for his precious time and his presence to grace this solemn festal occasion by breaking the word of God and administering the Sacrament. The parish-council felicitated the Bishop and the Vicar General, Father Cosmos Shekhawat. Gratitude was also expressed to Parish priest Father Gregory D’Cunha for animating the celebration. Father Ashwin Mal for preparing the altar servers and the liturgical arrangements with the FSMA nuns. St. Michael's parish continues to seek the protection of their patron saint, who stands guard over Mikhelpura.