BIS #6499 Marathi Catechism Books by DBYC released

by BISMumbai Correspondent

MumbaiSalesians' Provincial Councillor for Missionary Animation Father Michael Bansode facilitated the release of 02 Marathi Catechism [कॅथॉलिक धर्मशिक्षण] books on 14 October 2021. The books released were class 03 - पवित्र आत्मा आणि ख्रिस्तसभा and class 04 - पवित्र मिस्साबलिदानाद्वारे येशूकडे वाटचाल, preparation for 1st Holy Communion Year 01 and 02.

The 09 book series, a work in progress for classes 01, 02 and 09, is a project undertaken by the Salesian Catechetical Centre situated in the DBYC [Don Bosco Youth Centre] Campus at Koregaon Road-Pune. This 'education to the faith' project intends to addres the faith needs of the Marathi-speaking children of the ruarl areas in Maharashtra, within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Poona and the Diocese of Nashik.

Salesian Catechetical Centre Director-Father Osborn Furtado coordinates the team of Marathi experts, and hopes to be ready with the class 09 Confirmation book - I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church - by June 2022.

MumbaiSalesians' Provincial-Father Savio Silveira released the 1st copies and presented it to Father Ian Doulton- Rector DBYC. Father Silveira said "this is the need of the hour, for although the English language catechism books are readily and easily available, the vernacular languages lack this. This project is an effort to bridge this lacuna, which has not been done since the 1990 publication by the Archdiocese of Bombay."