BIS #6142 Bosco Boys' say "You have touched us & we have grown," on Teachers' Day

by Father Sunil Pinto for BISMumbai

The morning of 05 September this year was unlike any other. The staff and teachers of Bosco Boys' Home were given a rousing welcome amidst much cheer and laughter. A felicitation programme was organized for the teachers by Cleric Nitesh Damor, and the student leaders.

Creativity was at its best, with the students performing various dances, songs and skits. Some of them expressed their gratitude and admiration through handmade greeting cards for their beloved teachers. Taking inspiration from the song, ‘To Sir With love’, Director Bosco Boys' Home Father Corlis Gonsalves, expressed his gratitude to the teachers who painstakingly provide an education for life to the students. “We are not teachers but educators. Ours is a vocation and not a profession. We aren’t expected to be crutches but torches that lead the young to the right path," added Father Sunil Pinto in his final address. A heart-warming meal was served to the teachers on this auspicious occasion.