BIS #6470 Sustainable Kitchen Gardening Kits at Chhotaudepur

by Cleric Sanket Chauhan for BISMumbai

Lok Seva Kendra the department of Social Ministry in Don Bosco Chhotaudepur ventured into another social outreach from 21– 27 September 2021. LSK collaborated with the NGO Care India and distributed Kitchen Garden kits to 29 villages of Chhotaudepur Taluka and Pavi Jetpur Taluka. The purpose of LSK and Care India in this Kitchen Garden Kit distribution is to target farmers with less than 5 acres of land who also have less cattle and goats.

Kitchen garden is the growing of fruits and vegetables at the backyard of house by using kitchen waste water. The purpose of the kitchen garden is to supply the household to which it belongs with culinary herbs, fruit, and vegetable plants.

Our Kitchen Garden kit distribution reached out to small farmers who require upliftment in agricultural production which can create more Income generation or more Income saving. The kitchen Garden kits comprise seeds of brinjal, spinach, chillies of different varieties, coriander, onion, tomatoe, amaranthus, bottle gourd, bitter gourd and snake gourd and lady finger, etc. The kit comes with some tools for gardening like watering wand, spade, gardening fork and pick axe.

The 'Kitchen Gardening Kit' is full of 100% Biodegradable contents. Kitchen Garden kit is an organic solution for all problems of garden. This Kit helps farmers flourish their own organic garden. The advantages of Kitchen garden it supplies fresh fruits or vegetables high in nutritive value. It helps to save expenditure on purchase of vegetables. The vegetables harvested from home garden taste better than those purchased from market. It preserves their health by providing residue free and toxic chemical free vegetables. This Sustainable way of gardening helps the farmers preserve the health and fertility of the land’s soil and the garden. They can enjoy the real taste of fruits or vegetables direct from their own organic garden.

Our service doesn’t ends with the distribution but with a special training after distribution by Care India and LSK staff. It will train the farmers on Effective utilization of kitchen waste water and kitchen waste materials like maintenance of kitchen garden, irrigation, manures and fertilizers, weeding, harvest, organic method of plant protection and the use of tools in kitchen garden.