BIS #6853 The Josephite Festival at Wadala

By Ms Placida De Sequeira Nazareth for BISMumbai

The Josephite Festival was held on the grounds of St Joseph’s High School, Wadala, from 8 to 10 December, 2022. This Festival was organized to give students a platform to showcase their varied talents and tap into their hidden potential. Since the inception of the Josephite Festival in 2017, the prime motive of organizing such a festival is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and alleviate stage fear from the minds of students. All of this helps them develop their personality – something that is very crucial at this point in their life.

With over 4000 entries for 65 events, St Joseph’s High School, was drenched in the festive mood as students from across 35 schools of the city participated enthusiastically in this event and displayed their abilities magnificently. The competition included categories like group dance, quizzes, debate, storytelling, culinary skills and many more.

The Rector, Fr James Nigrel, welcomed the esteemed chief guests for three days – Ms Fiona D’Souza, a teacher at JB Vachha Girl's High School; Ms Sangita Bhattacharya, Ex – Principal of St Joseph’s High School and currently the Principal at Don Bosco, Nerul; and Fr Nelson Carvalho. They expressed how they were amazed to witness ‘works of wonder’ crafted by little hands and a repertoire of mind-blowing oratory skills!

Fr Blaise Fernandes, the Principal of St Joseph's, thanked the school management, the supervisors of the school, teachers, and parents for their ever-encouraging support. He also thanked all the contestants for their eager participation, the event heads for microplanning the events, the support staff for their dedicated service, volunteers, the sponsors, and the well-wishers. He brought to attention the famous quote of Walt Disney - “If you dream it, you can do it” - to encourage young minds, while emphasizing on the importance of classical art in the intellectual growth of the youth. The competition ended with the distribution of prizes for the various events and competitions held.

This ‘one of a kind’ Josephite Festival holds beautiful, precious memories and stands true to the motto of the school: We are born for greater things!