BIS #6406 Kurla DBC-BMM's Shania Pais tops MU with 9.97 CGPA*

by Father Joseph C. Braganza** for BISMumbai

'A Diamond in the Making'

To excel in college amongst one’s colleagues is one thing

To top the Mumbai University amongst 5,177 students and 85 Colleges is no small task

This was precisely the achievement of Shania Pais at the BMM Graduation Exams, 2021

Three years ago she entered Don Bosco College [DBC], with a gentle smile on her face

At the interview, she showed signs of a ‘Diamond in the Making’

What followed thereafter was a prelude to her excellence at University Level

In the class she was always regular; at lectures, attentive and inquiring

With a notebook in her hand, she jotted down everything meticulously

At the exams, her writing was neat, clear and a sheer delight to read

As a college student, she was modest in her outfit, yet dignified in appearance

She refrained from things many students of her age, indulge in

Yet, she won the respect and admiration of her colleagues

To the teachers, staff and management, she was polite, docile and respectful

To her classmates, she was a team player and ever ready to help in her field of expertise

To the department, a humble and a proficient asset that many could count on

To her doting parents, her performance at Mumbai University was a moment of joy

To her friends and colleagues, her outstanding percentage was simply incredible

At Don Bosco College, Shania’s achievement will be carved in its history

The final glittering Diamond was evidently the end product of Shania’s hard work

The steady involvement of her parents, the dedicated efforts of the professors

And the conducive environment provided by Don Bosco College-Department of Mass Media

May God bless Shania in all her future endeavors

May God bless her parents, Glen and Primrose, for all their support, and

May God bless the staff and professors who assisted ‘The Diamond in the Making’


* Cumulative Grade Points Average

**Father Joseph C. Braganza sdb, is Executive Director, Dept. of Mass Media-Don Bosco College Kurla