BIS #6657 DB Kawant Celebrates Yoga Din 2022

By Cl. Alan D’Silva for BISMumbai

Aware of the supreme importance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and knowing how yoga can help in achieving it, the Don Bosco High School, Kawant, celebrated ‘Yoga Din 2022’ on 21 June, which is observed as World Yoga Day. The participants included teachers and students of the Gujarati and English Medium, about 450 in all.

The event commenced with a few words of introduction by the Principal, Fr Rixson Nigrel, on the occasion. He said, “In order to have a healthy mind and body it is important to spend some time in relaxing our mind and training our body.” Later Mr Rasik Rathwa, a teacher of the Gujarati Medium, guided the students into a series of yogic exercises along with two students, Vishvanath Rathwa and Dayal Bariya, who represented the school at the District and State levels respectively at the Khel Mahakumbh 2022 event.

This turned out to be a day to highlight the importance of exercise for ones all-round development.