BIS #6181 Don Bosco Lonavla 'September' Outreach

by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

In continuation of the social outreach service and welfare drive of the villages sponsored by Don Bosco Lonavla, the visits to the villages during the month of September 2020 were quite fruitful. DBlonavla has initiated basic education for the children from nursery to class 06 of Vaksai Katkerwadi, Karandoli Katkerwadi and Mundhavari Katkerwadi villages. The development staff along with Fathers Xavier Devdas and Glen Fernandes, explained and guided the villagers of Vaksai village about the education of the children and small scale business opportunities for women. In an endeavor to promote eco-friendly and organic cultivation, the villagers of all the 03 villages have been requested to prepare, compile and keep all the material needed for the preparation of the compost manure, ready. Arrangements have also been made for some delectable meals to cheer the children of Vaksai and slightly tickle their taste buds, by providing them with Khichadi twice a week, every Monday and Thursday. Promising and positive result-outcomes are anticipated after a dialogue-discussion with the Sarpanch and Gram Panchayat with regard to the follow up of the government schemes.

In the incessant pursuit of enhancing the outreach programme, DB lonavala has drawn up a plan for tasks to be undertaken in the next 03 months (Oct-Dec 2020). With regard to the education of the children, a weekly time table has been drawn up for the next 03 months wherein classes for the children will be held every evening, concentrating on a specific subject, while on weekends extra-curricular activities like drawing and craft will be organised. Alongside, the children will be also encouraged, guided and educated to maintain personal hygiene and live a value-based life.

With regard to the registration of their documents, DB Lonavala will prepare a register to keep note of whether the villagers have an Adhar card and birth certificate, and if the names of their children are mentioned in the ration card. Follow up will also be done of the various government schemes ensuring that the people benefit from these facilities that the government provides. With the help of Father Devdas, interested men and women will be educated on the method and knowhow of preparing manure, kitchen garden and smokeless chulha.

Thanks to the commitment of our benefactors and the hard work of the Db Lonavala social outreach staff and development volunteers, better living conditions for the villagers, it is hoped, will gradually bear fruit.