by Father Mayank Parmar for BISMumbai

The international women’s day with the theme 'Save Girl Child and Educate Girl Child' was celebrated at DRISTI Don Bosco Kapadvanj on 06 March 2020. The programme prepared and presented by 550 SHG women, began with lighting of the lamp and garlanding of the statue of St. John Bosco. Father Mayank introduced the guests of the day with words of welcome on behalf of the community, DRISTI staff and management. Dr. Priti Rathod Principal PTC Womens College Nadiad spoke on basic value of changing the mindset of women and challenging them to come out of their narrow thinking and acquiring broader vision of family and life. Dr. Christina Parmar spoke on various issues of women such as domestic violence and how to respond to such situations. She also urged women to educate their girls to go for higher studies.

The highlight of the day was that two SHGs namely of Shelgadh and Dhuliya Vasna village were called on the stage and were appreciated because they have been generous towards one woman who lost her mental stability. They have forgiven her loan of Rs 12,000, and another group has forgiven a debt of Rs. 8,000 which was taken as loan for her husband’s treatment. They have set an example for the other women that this is also possible, creating and nurturing common understanding among women. The second highlight of the day was 05 women of various SHGs who have taken loan for the higher education for their girl children. DRISTI recognized such women and a certificate of appreciation was presented to them. The third highlight was that this time more than 10 women put up stalls of the various items they have prepared like purses, dresses, soaps, jewelery, doormats, etc.

We also had representation of Mission Mangalam-Kapadvanj Taluka Officer Niyati, Sister Elphina FMA, and her team from Pushpanjali Dakor, Jayadeep Kapadvanj Kelavani Mandal representative and other invited guests. The women’s stage performance was enjoyed by all.