BIS #6380 Dhunadra village of Dakor celebrates St. Thomas the Apostle

by Father Ajay Shelke for BISMumbai

The miniscule Catholic populace of Dhunadra village of Dakor, celebrated St. Thomas the Apostle on 03 July 2021, with pomp and religious fervour. The village under the pastoral care of Christ the King Church-Dakor, venerates St. Thomas as its patron saint.

Father Pravin Makwana with a processional entourage entered the village Chapel with a picture of St. Thomas, to the accompaniment of festive and melodious hymns, followed by a meaningful and well-animated Eucharistic celebration. Extolling the parishioners to emulate the life and values of St. Thomas the Apostle, Father Makwana said, "Let us be exemplary in all our words, and deeds; be filled with love and joy; witness to all that we really are faithful people of God, who completely place our trust in Him, walking in His path without hesitation and doubt."

After the Eucharist, the villagers felicitated and thanked all the Fathers, Brothers and Sisters for their love and service rendered over the past year. All partook of a simple yet delicious meal as a witness of unity, felloowship and love as God's wonderful children.