BIS #7193 Honouring the Pillars of Strength - Father's Day Celebration at Don Bosco Nerul

By Tr. Raksha Rosario

Celebrating the gift of the fathers as silent pillars of strength for the family, the students of Dominic Savio Kindergarten Nerul celebrated Father’s day on June 19, 2024. The day was filled with events and activities to honour the wonderful bond of father and child to create special memories.

The fathers along with their children gathered in the respective classrooms wherein they shared a few lines about themselves. Many activities were held to help facilitate the student’s expression of love and gratitude to their fathers. A particular activity which helped in this endeavour was the rock designing activity. Every child and father decorated their rock with colours and art materials and made creative takeaways as a remembrance of this special day.

The students along with their fathers were invited to do a very meaningful activity which involved their connect with mother nature. Every student with their father came forward and sowed seeds in the pots given to each class. This became the crowning moment of the Father’s Day celebration and an occasion where both the father and the child experienced their togetherness. 

The parents were immensely grateful for the creative sessions conducted bringing out the beauty and importance of the father’s role in the family. Mr A. Charles, a parent of one of the students exclaimed that this initiative was a great way to build a bond with their children amidst the stressful work situation they face. The occasion of the Father’s Day concluded with lots of smiles and cheerful faces on the children and their fathers leaving them with memories to cherish, lessons learnt and connections that make fatherhood a precious role in their lives.