BIS #6159 Shelter Don Bosco celebrates Teachers & facilitates training

by Brother Vishal Waghmare for BISMumbai

Teachers’ day was celebrated at Shelter Don Bosco Wadala[w] Mumbai on 05 September 2020, in honour of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, and St. Teresa of Kolkata. A short felicitation programme with one of the boys donning the role of Abraham Lincoln, delivered individual letters of appreciation to the teachers for their effort to bring out the best. The boys acknowledged their teacher’s intervention and the changes that were brought in their lives. Performing a dance, the boys of Classes V and VI expressed their gratitude. The programme concluded with the boys presenting special handmade greeting cards to the teachers.

On 18 September 2020, Sneha Pawar of Muskurahat Foundation conducted a training programme for the teachers at Shelter Don Bosco. The focus was on providing a holistic education and techniques for teachers to build an effective classroom environment which would consist of letting the boys feel safe and thereby aid them in expressing themselves freely.

The session consisted of topics based on the importance of classroom rules, importance of role models, importance of facilitation and the qualities of a facilitator. Emphasis was given on how to improve the value system of the children, keeping in mind the overall wellbeing of the boys. The staff was also introduced to positive facilitation which could be used during classroom teaching. Building an effective classroom environment to adopt positive disciplinary strategies, via clear communications, building curiosity, mindfulness, brainstorming etc. were also provided. The trainers also gave an input about the effects of toxic stress touching upon child rights and the Child Protection Act.