BIS #6983 YOUCAT Night Vigil at DBYS Mumbai

By Ms Angela Fernandes for BISMumbai

The Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS), Mumbai, witnessed an overnight vigil on 22 and 23 July 2023, organised by YOUCAT India in collaboration with the Salesian Youth Movement. The initiative of this night vigil was to promote the presence of YOUCAT, not only in Mumbai but all throughout Maharashtra, as many young people travelled all the way from Nashik, Kalyan, and Vasai to attend the vigil.

The night vigil began at 9 p.m. on 22 July, with the registration and welcoming of around 75 youth who started coming in, showing up with enthusiasm. The venue was full of youngsters ready to make the most of their night journeying with the Lord with music, praise, and togetherness.

Under the efficient supervision of Ms Novia Almeida from YOUCAT India, and Fr Leon Cruz Ratinam from DBYS, the event turned out to be fruitful. The volunteers did a commendable job coordinating with each other and showing a sense of responsibility for the task each one was assigned.

The vigil commenced with an encouraging talk by Fr Vinod Mascarenhas, making the participants aware of their vision and mission in Christ. It was followed by Ms Almeida giving an enthralling presentation describing the praise-worthy tasks taken up by YOUCAT, ‘by the youth, for the youth’. Once the talks were over, a talented team of musicians and dancers led the praise and worship, singing and rejoicing in Christ.

Deacon Sumit D’Souza SJ shared his insightful knowledge as he conducted an interactive session on the theme of the vigil, ‘Social Media’. He described the ways one could put social media to good use by showcasing talents and preaching the word of God.

The participants were then divided into groups where they understood the Church’s teaching on social communication. The group discussion brought about a personal awareness of their role in the field of social media, while also leading them to commit themselves to a responsible use of media.

The night vigil was at its best when the Adoration service animated by Fr Nicholas Arul began, filling the ambience with a comfortable, peaceful, and holy silence. During the adoration, arrangements for confessions and counselling were made so that the youth could avail themselves of the sacrament of reconciliation.

After a short panel discussion on social communication in the Catholic Church, the youth proceeded to participate in the Holy Eucharist in the Crypt of the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna. This brought about a excellent culmination to a vigil spent in prayer, study, and fellowship.