BIS #6588 Don Bosco Nashik PTA meet and Toppers' felicitation

by Joyce Padale & Father Cedrick Sankul for BISMumbai

For the holistic development of the school and for the welfare of the students, a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting was held on 05 March 2022, at 9am in the school parlour. It was a great interaction between the management and the PTA members for the development of the children and the school where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvement. The discussion was led by informing the parents about the fee defaulters.

Father Principal also informed that concessions would be given only to the wards of single parents and students in dire need. It was also told that the school will not make it compulsory for the students to buy book-sets from the school. Father Principal also recommended that through his contacts in Mumbai, school uniforms would be made available at a cheaper rate. Out of 26 PTA members, 12 members were present for the meeting. The meeting concluded at 9.30am.

At the end Rector- Father Royal D'abreo appreciated the cooperation extended by the PTA members throughout the year and asked them to suggest any recommendation related to the school . This year scholarship was given to SSC and HSC students for the year 2020-21.The PTA members felicitated the toppers and subject toppers of both the SSC and HSC students Don Bosco School and Junior College..

List of toppers-

XII Science - Diya Chauhan – 95.17%

XII Commerce – Pearl John – 99.17%

X – Sarthak Shukla – 96.4 %

Subject Toppers of Class – X


Sarthak Shukla – 97

Chirag Shirsath – 97

Anushka Wadghule – 97


Sarthak Shukla – 46

Kajal Rajput - 46